Event Recap: The New Clinton Park Fieldhouse Launch


We had an amazing turnout during our new Fieldhouse soft launch grand opening this past weekend on Sunday, March 10th, 2019. Thanks to those who came by and celebrated with us. Your support is much appreciated. We had lots of activities that happened. Here is the recap of the event at Clinton Park on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

Above: Youth and preteens volunteering at the button-making station.
Above: Samples showing the public what artificial soil turf looks and feels like.
Above: Music performance by The Gram Partisans.
Above: Interactive display noting what activities people like to do at Clinton Park.

The Frog Hollow Outreach Tricycle

Volunteers educating our community about the Outreach Tricycle and explaining how they can also volunteer. Our purpose is to fight isolation by bringing programs and resources to neighbours doorstep.

Cutting of the cake to celebrate our Fieldhouse grand opening launch!


Drawing our vision of Clinton Park activities with the Co-Design Group:

Below: Follow along Tai Chi activity.
Below: Community Jam (bring your own instrument)

Last, but not least: prize draw to win a rooster ornament or handmade classic car model.

Thank you again to our supportive community who joined us for this wonderful celebration!

If you like to learn more about what programs are offered at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, come drop by our location at 2131 Renfrew St.

*Reprinted with permission from Frog Hollow

Published by Kyra Dawson

Kyra is a writer, blogger, dreamer and film loving gamer girl who always believes one must trust their instincts. She is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community and especially loves spending time with her family. She spends a lot of time in Norngard and delights in weaving stories that take readers to realms and worlds both magical and far and away. A published author, Kyra is hard at work writing 'The Books of Norngard', a Young Adult series of books in the Fantasy genre. Follow her on Twitter @KyraDawson and read 'The Beautiful Forbidden', Book 1 in 'The Books of Norngard' series at http://kyradawson.com/category/read-the-beautiful-forbidden/ and at https://www.wattpad.com/story/84732732-the-beautiful-forbidden on Wattpad.

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