Gardeners’ Hangout

We need nature now more than ever to maintain our well-being during this lock-down. Our weekly Gardeners’ Hangout Program at the Clinton Park Fieldhouse has moved online since April and continues to keep us in tune via multimedia platforms.

Join Eva and pay a virtual visit to the garden  to connect with nature. Have a chance to appreciate the unfolding beauty of the greens.

The sessions are very organic and healing.  It also provides a safe space to not only share your gardening experiences and but also to learn more from talks and workshops.

Gardeners’ Hangout  runs through the whole Summer until September this year on every Wednesday afternoon from 330pm to 5pm.

Hopefully soon you will be able to come by to plant or take a seed, drink herbal tea and connect with the nature in person.

For now, sign up with Eva and embrace virtual gardening. 

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