Making Medicine Bags

We are so thankful to have Jessie share with us her medicine-bag-making teachings. Enjoy✨

Ho?a (Welcome)

 I am so pleased to share this experience with you all. In our (Dene/Cree) teachings, it is essential to place culture in the center of our children’s growth and upbringing. Just as so with our storytelling, we must always have the young ones up front, receiving all the teachings our stories have to offer.

Little Odin and I spent some time together making a medicine bag, we talked about where the deer hide comes from, why it is important to us and I told him that these are to hold our sacred medicines and that from start to finish, we must always think good thoughts.We had so much fun with this and he truly thinks he is an eagle now. We use our Medicine bags for carrying herbs and/or medicine (sage, tobacco, cedar, sweetgrass to smudge and give back to Mother Earth) to connect with the spiritual world, the Creator. The bag could also include personal possessions such as belongings of family members or special mementos. I have a feather from Buffalo lake, a special rock from Kanawake, and sand from Kamloops in mine along with my medicines.

So how about you, what’s in your bag?

Tha’una (Blessings)


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