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Waacus Salee (Frog Spirit) Project is a partnership initiative between Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and MVAEC – Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council, funded by Canadian Heritage.

This project was launched in November 2019 at Frog Hollow, dedicated to building bridges between cultures and people through the lens of #Indigenous principles and leadership.

The name “Waacus Salee” was gifted to us by Shane Pointe of the Musqueam Nation. In the Salish language, “Waacus means frog, and “Salee” means spirit.

“Waacus Salee” embodies the significance of the frog call in spring which signals that it is time to transition from the dormancy of winter to the active work needed to prepare for the growing season in spring. It is essentially a call to action.

Be a part of Waacus Salee Project,

All Nations Drum Circle

All Nations Cook-along

Indigenous Plant Workshop

Indigenous Garden

Out-trips (sign-up with to know more)


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